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We’re Polish scientists specializing in biotechnology. We study the properties of hemp and its effect on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). We’ve patented a globally unique technology AdvanDrop™ that increases the speed of action and absorption of CBD in the body. We created canaticann, because science and cannabis are our passion.

Effectiveness proven by research.

AdvanDrop™ technology, which allows CBD to dissolve 100% in water and other water based liquids, makes it much more effective in harnessing the therapeutic properties of hemp.

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The advantages of Water soluble CBD over oils with CBD.

Canaticann productssuch as CBD drops and lozenges compared to other commercially available CBD oils have been found to have:

AdvanDrop™ technology solves the problem of low absorption and short-term maintenance it the desired CBD concentration in the body. When used orally, cannabinoids are directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Safe CBD

We produce cannaticann supplements in Poland following global good practices used in pharmaceutical and food industry.

The raw materials used in Canaticann products meet the highest international quality and safety standards in terms of heavy metal content, residues of solvents, pesticides and herbicides, allergen content and microbiological contaminants and many others. Compliance with international standards is confirmed by external accredited laboratories.

The raw meterials used in canaticann drops and lozenges are manufactured in accordance with:

  • BRCGS international food safety standard – requires ensuring the highest quality and safety of the products offered at the stage of production, packaging, storage and distribution:
  • Good Manufacturing practice (GMP) and Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) – aims to maintain adequate control of hygiene of the work environment and technological processes;
  • HACCP according to Codex Alimentarius, which is a system to ensure safety in the food production process;
  • declarations: GMO FREE, FOR VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE.


Canaticann products are fully legal and contain no THC or other narcotic substances. .

The natural CBD in canaticann products are fully legal and contain no THC or other narcotic substances.


Our advanced dietary supplements are very easy to use. You can add the Water soluble CBD drops to water, your favorite juice or drink, and carry the lozenges in your pocket or purse.

Anyone who wants to improve their quality of life with the help of CBD or support therapy can count on the high content of this compound in our products.

Thanks to AdvanDrop™ technology, which enhances the therapeutic effects of hemp and allows for more efficient use of the power of the endocannabinoid systemcanaticann CBD drops and lozenges are much more efficient than CBD oils.

Additionally, for those who use CBD for therapeutic purpose, we have prepared a friendly subscription model that reduces the price ofcanaticann purchases by 20%and ensures regularity of supply.

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