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Canaticann is a premium brand created for people who need the most effective cannabinoids (CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN…). All our highly specialized products are based on AdvanDrop® technology, which is currently the most effective way to deliver cannabinoids orally. It is thanks to this solution that our products work faster, more effectively and longer.

Scientific studies confirm that Canticann products, compared to others available on the market, have:

  • 200% higher absorption of cannabinoids
  • 26 times higher CBD concentration in the body after just 5 minutes
  • precise dosage of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • high quality CBD

If you are supplementing a comprehensive therapy and need effectiveness and efficacy proven by research, Canaticann products are perfect for you.

The advantages of Water soluble CBD over oils with CBD.

CBD 10mg lozenges.

Effective, easy and discreet to use, with a delicious currant-raspberry flavor always with you!

Water soluble CBD 20%

The most effective way to take CBD.

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