AdvanDrop™ technology, the most efficient way to orally deliver cannabinoids. Find out why.

Cannabinoids are highly hydrophobic and lipohilic substances. This means that they will naturally dissolve only in oils and fast, repelling water molecules at the same time. Today, thanks to modern technologies, we can influence the properties of these substances and somehow “force”them to “like” aqueous solutions.

By nature, cannabinoids are fat-soluble.
Due to the lyphilic properties of cannabinoids, manufactures use vegetable oils such as cumin oil and hemp seeds oil as a base for CBD oils. To increase bioavailability, it’s also recommended to consume these types of products in the company of foods rich in fats such as eggs, cheese, nuts, butter, etc. In addition to fats alcohol is also good carrier of cannabinoids. There is a reason why many pharmacies around the world make standardized, therapeutic ethanol extracts with CBD.

Water-soluble CBD
Today’s advances in science make it possible to benefit the rules that nature follows. Thanks to nanotechnology, we can do something that was impossible not long ago – dissolve fat in water.

Nanotechnology is increasingly used in various industries such as food, cosmetics, medicine, etc. Thanks to it, we can precisely deliver the active substances to the affected organ, increase the bioavalibility of the drug, enhance the taste and smell of the product, or on the contrary, effectively mask it. This modern technology was also uses to create a unique product which is Water-soluble CBD

AdvanDrop™ technology is currently the most effective way to deliver cannabinoids orally: it solves the problem of their low bioavalibility and short-term maintenance of the desired concentration of CBD in the body.

CBD liquid formulation using AdvanDrop™ technology significantly improves the solubility of cannabinoids and terpens in aqueous solutions, thereby accelerating and potentiating the effects of CBD on the body through the endpocannabinoid system (ECS). It is also convenient to use.

AdvanDrop™ properties affecting the penetration of beneficial substances into the bloodstream are confirmed by consumer feedback and numerous laboratory studies and pharmacokinetics tests performed by independent research centers, which show a 200% higher bioavalibility of cannabinoids. AdvanDrop™ technology achieves more than 2 times the bioavalibility of orally ingested CBD than standard CBD oils.

The higher bioavalibility of CBD delivered with AdvanDrop™ allows the body to maintain optimal cannabinoid concentration over the long term and replenish deficiencies in an easily measurable way.

The AdvanDrop™ formula is covered by an international patent application. It’s uniqueness is that all cannabis formulations made with it provide the same highest level of bioavalibility and total safety of use and technological superiority over other available forms of CBD supply.

26 times higher concentration of CBD in the body just 5 minutes after ingestion.. AdvanDrop technology is effective just minutes after ingestion providing fast and effective effects of the compounds contained in cannabis.

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